What we do

We expert advice aimed at organizations where small local businesses need the support of our consultants, who will direct it to become more productive, more sustainable and, more importantly, that the society in which they operate becomes more prosperous and developed.


We seek to intervene with developing countries, especially in Portuguese-speaking, making whenever possible partnerships with local NGOs. Our consultants collaborate with the authorities of these countries in order to respect their interests as compatible with our mission and principles.


We analyze each situation thoroughly in order to answer the needs that are put to us with maximum efficiency and involvement. We assure the whole range of actions needed to successfully complete each mission, such as transportation, insurance, visas, etc.. In the place where the mission takes place in conjunction with the client, accommodation, meals and pocket money.

And with whom

Our consultants are highly qualified and professional and cover different areas of knowledge, including the various branches of engineering, economics, finance, management, law, architecture, natural sciences, environmental protection and land management, etc.. Therefore, they are culturally sensitive and open to new experiences .

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