Detoxification technology application. Strawberry industry

The Wynca Group was founded in 1965


Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Strawberry detoxification technology application is very common in Europe and the United States, and other developed countries, the technology is relatively mature and perfect, especially on the analysis of the genetic stability of strawberry virus-free technology than domestic ones, and these countries, especially in Japan is still China’s main variety of strawberry varieties, there are still few domestic breeding strawberry varieties catch up. Group company in order to lead the development of Chinese strawberry as the goal, hope to draw lessons from foreign developed countries seedling technique and advanced production.

Issues to solve:

1, eliminate or reduce the risk of variation in strawberry detoxification

2、How to promote the flower bud differentiation of strawberry, the market of early strawberry? How to extend the availability of strawberries and increase production?

3、How to solve the root system of seedling in the cave dish

Expert qualification required

More than 3 years of experience in the production of strawberry detoxification seedlings in the United States, Europe, Japan, etc. If relevant qualified experts and scholars are welcome to China for guidance at any time, the annual guideline should be no less than 30 days.

Number of Experts Required and which country experts is from:

1-2 experts from Japan and so on

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Jobs for seniors

So, for financial or personal reasons, you think you can work after the traditional retirement age at age 65. What are your options for the job? Are there good jobs for the elderly? What are the best jobs after retirement? The good news is that jobs for the elderly are numerous and seem to be growing.


As an older person, one of its great advantages is that you have created a lot of experience. Therefore, consulting may be an ideal job for seniors.
Many people retire just to start immediately providing full or part-time consulting with their previous employer or another company in their industry. Consulting can give you a lot of flexibility and because of your years of experience, a good salary.
Many people find that consulting is an ideal bridge from full-time to full-time retirement.


There are so many worthy causes in the world and there are not enough people to attend them: hospitals, schools, libraries, churches, parks, international zoological relief organizations and more. However, many seniors are already participating – there are organizations where their volunteers are over 50 years old.
If interesting work and vitality are more important to you than income, volunteering can be the right and most rewarding option.
The following organizations offer special programs for jobs for the elderly:

Plataforma Portuguesa das Organizações não Governamentais para o Desenvolvimento

SEA – Agência de Empreendedores Sociais

Voluntariado Ambiental

AMI – Assistência Médica Internacional 

Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima

Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local

Associação Rede de Universidades Seniores


Find jobs in an organization that actively recruits seniors
APCS signed a protocol of cooperation and understanding with the Chinese agency SAFEA, in force since 2013, aimed at promoting the technical and advisory support for ongoing projects in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for which International collaboration. SAFEA, in turn, is responsible for the promotion and coordination and logistical support of the international experts involved in these projects, covering a wide range of areas, from agriculture, industry, technology, environment and health.


Quais são os melhores empregos após a reforma ?

Então, por motivos financeiros ou pessoais, você acha que pode trabalhar após a idade de reforma tradicional aos 65 anos. Quais são suas opções para o trabalho? Existem bons empregos para idosos? Quais são os melhores empregos após a reforma? A boa notícia é que os empregos para idosos são numerosos e parecem estar crescendo.


Como uma pessoa mais velha, uma das suas grandes vantagens é que você criou muita experiência. Portanto, a consultoria pode ser um trabalho ideal para idosos.

Muitas pessoas reformam-se apenas para começar imediatamente a prestar consultadoria a tempo inteiro ou parcial com seu empregador anterior ou outra empresa em sua indústria. A consultadoria pode dar-lhe muita flexibilidade e por causa dos seus anos de experiência, um bom salário.

Muitas pessoas acham que a consultadoria é uma ponte ideal do trabalho a tempo inteiro para a reforma em tempo integral.


Há tantas causas dignas no mundo e não há pessoas suficientes para atendê-las: hospitais, escolas, bibliotecas, igrejas, parques, organizações de alívio internacionais de zoológicos e muito mais. No entanto, muitos idosos já estão participando – há organizaçóes em que os seus voluntários têm mais de 50 anos de idade.

Se o trabalho e a vitalidade interessantes são mais importantes para você do que a renda, o voluntariado pode ser a opção certa e mais gratificante.

As seguintes organizações oferecem programas especiais para empregos para idosos:

Plataforma Portuguesa das Organizações não Governamentais para o Desenvolvimento

SEA – Agência de Empreendedores Sociais

Voluntariado Ambiental

AMI – Assistência Médica Internacional 

Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima

Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local

Associação Rede de Universidades Seniores
Encontre empregos numa organização que recruta ativamente os idosos

A APCS assinou, um protocolo de cooperação e entendimento com a agência chinesa SAFEA, em vigor desde 2013, que visa a promoção do apoio técnico e de consultoria a projectos em curso na República Popular da China (RPC) para os quais este país solicita a colaboração internacional. A SAFEA, por sua vez, é responsável pela promoção e coordenação e apoio logístico dos peritos internacionais que participam nestes projectos que abrangem áreas muito diversificadas, da agricultura, indústria, tecnologia, ambiente ou saúde.

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The Development and Application of Silicone Products in High Performance Coatings

Wynca Group is a national key high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, a large listed company.


Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Over the past few decades, the use of organic silicone has surpassed traditional applications and extends in a broader market, including the coatings market. Over the past five years, at least 3,000 patents have been published to discuss the use of  organic silicone to improve the performance of protective coatings and other coatings. A survey of chemical abstracts published during the 1945-2001 chemical show shows that the proportion of patents on silicone technology applications has grown steadily and continues to focus on the traditional advantages of organic silicon materials, including weather resistance and Heat resistance. At present, the application of silicone in the entire coating industry has grown from a number of special, high-performance applications to a wider area.

Issues to solve:


1. Application of organic silicone products in improving the weather resistance of coatings

2. Organic silicone products applied for improving the scratch resistance of automotive varnishes

3. Application of silicone products in self-delamination coatings

4. Silicone products in the application of high temperature coatings

5. Silicone products in the application of hydrophobic insulation coating

Number of Experts Required and which country experts is from:

To decide later

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Synthesis of organosilicon materials and wastes treatment

The Wynca Group was founded in 1965

Project Information(client information, main areas of activity, project background, etc.):

Research and development of new silicone materials and downstream products

Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Silicone polymer synthesis, environmental protection

Issues to solve:

  • Silicone polymer waste management
  • Screening and developing new silicone polymers

Expert qualification required

Dr。and Relevant experience in R & D

Number of Experts Required

1 expert

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Research and Development of high Performance Phenyl-silicone Products


The Wynca Group was founded in 1965.

Polysiloxanes containing phenyl possess excellent low-temperature flexibility and thermal stability, radiation resistance and high refractive index, which have been applied in aerospace, LED packaging, nuclear power and so on. At present, Wynca have 1000 ton/year of methyl phenyl dichlorosilane, 3000 ton/year of  phenyl trichlorosilane and 500 ton/year methyl phenyl cyclotrisiloxane will be gone into operation at October, 2017.

Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Meanwhile, we have great breakthrough in developing methyl- phenyl siloxanes.

At present, we have developed many different styles and different phenyl content Phenyl-methyl polysiloxane oils and polsiloxane rubber.

Issues to solve:

Applications and market development of phenyl polysiloxane products.

Expert qualification required

Need 1-2 experts who are familiar with application fields of polysiloxne, particularly phenyl polysiloxane. Furthermore, who have experienced in market development.

English, Chinese .

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Development of special additives and formulation for UAV applications.


The Wynca Group was founded in 1965, went public in September, 2001, and was selected in the list of Most Valuable Listed Companies in China for many years continuously, one of the 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and one of the global top 20 enterprises in agricultural chemistry.

The major businesses of Wynca are crop protection products and organic silicon materials, where glyphosate technical material and preparations play a leading role with many other varieties are researched simultaneously, including pesticide and fungicides; based on synthesized organic silicon monomers, a complete organic Si industry chain has been formed from smelting cores, ganister sand processing, monomer synthesis to the final products, generating the four large product series of silicone rubber, silicone oil, silicone resin and silane coupling agent. All of those have contributed to the company’s superiority of whole industrial chain in the industry.

The two major series of products of Wynca have been widely applied to agricultural production, biotechnology, aeronautics and astronautics, health care and medication, building materials, electronic and electric industry, and new energy development, with the leading products granted as China Top Brand, Brand with the Most Market Competitiveness, etc. Wynca sticks to the development path with international thinking and its products are marketed among many countries and regions in the world, with subsidiaries established in North America, South America and Africa, which contribute to the stable growth of international brand popularity and market shares.

Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

In recent years, UAV applications is r is developing rapidly. There are more than 21 million mu times of flight operations in 2016, the market is nearly billions of dollars!

The use of robots and UAVs for weed control and pesticide application offers new opportunities for site-specific, even plant-specific, control.  UAVs are already highly disruptive in agriculture, with a surge in popularity being driven by increasing affordability and ease of use.

Wynca now have a affiliated subsidiary which is specializing in flying defense services, and has a good platform advantage.

Issues to solve:

1)  Compatibility of multiple agents after mixing;

2) Evaporation of the active ingredients and additives under normal operation conditions;

3) Selection and formulation developed of special agents for different crops.

Number of Experts Required and which country experts is from:

1-2 experts from Japan and so on


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Over 900,000 foreigners work in Chinese mainland in 2016

GUANGZHOU, April 16 (Xinhua) — More than 900,000 foreigners were employed on the Chinese mainland in 2016, an indispensable force in the country’s development, a senior Chinese official said on Sunday.

Foreign experts are important resources. They will help China achieve economic and social prosperity, Zhang Jianguo, head of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) told the 15th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals held in south China’s Shenzhen city.

Foreign experts should be offered opportunities in sectors that have specific demand for them, he said, calling for measures to prevent “brain waste”. Meanwhile, unskilled foreign workers demanding ultra-high wages should be denied.

To attract more foreign talent, China streamlined the paperwork needed to secure foreigners a work visa. The trial program has unified the previous two permits into a single work permit, making it easier for foreigners to work in China.

The number of foreign employees in China has increased at a staggering pace over the past decades. There was less than 10,000 foreign experts working in China in the 1980s.

From 2001 to 2016, the country of origin of foreign experts expanded from 21 to 73, official data shows.

SAFEA delegation visits Germany, Switzerland and Austria

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Para a CHINA

From China we have received several requests for the disclosure of needs for qualified personnel.

The required qualifications are the doctorate, the master’s degree or the licenciatura, as the case may be. English is the working language. Variable and sometimes negotiable conditions include salary, depending on function, accommodation (in some cases), auxiliary staff, interpreter and other compensation.

Interested parties should contact APCS by e-mail, indicating the respective reference, for more detailed information.



Da China chegaram-nos diversos pedidos de divulgação de necessidades de pessoal qualificado.

As qualificações requeridas são o doutoramento, o mestrado ou a licenciatura, conforme os casos. O inglês é a língua de trabalho. Condições variáveis e por vezes negociáveis, incluem salário, de acordo com a função, alojamento (em alguns casos), pessoal auxiliar, intérprete e outras compensações.

Os interessados deverão dirigir-se por correio eletrónico à APCS, indicando a referência respetiva, para informações mais detalhadas.


  1.  Pure or applied mathematics Req 01ABR12
  1. Nonlinear physics Req 02ABR12
  2. Chemistry (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry or material chemistry Req 03ABR12
  3. Material science or material physics/chemistry Req 04ABR12
  4. Heterogeneous catalysis Req 05ABR12
  5. Computer science Req 06ABR12
  6. Biotic (disease or pest resistance) or abiotic stress, or development and related hormone biology using major crop or model plant systems; or investigating the mechanisms of pathogenesis of various pathogens Req 07ABR12
  7. English or Tesol (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages),

theory and criticism, and Post-modernism Req 08ABR12

  1. Biomedicine – ophthalmology and optometry, optometry, optical engineering, neurobiology, materials science, pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular biology, electronic engineering, cognition science, cytobiology, analytical chemistry Req 09ABR12
  2. Biomedicine – immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology, virology, laboratory medicine, cytobiology Req 10ABR12

  3. Biomedicine – internal tumour medicine, pathology, surgery, orthodontics, anaesthesiology, neurology, podiatry, cardiovascular surgery, neurobiology, perinatology, osteology, hemadenology, reproductive medicine, intensive care medicine Req 11ABR12 e Req 12ABR12
  4. Diretor de departamento – Req 14ABR12 e Req 15ABR12
  5. Orientador científico Req 17ABR12

  6. Investigadores em tinturaria e tintas de impressão, tratamento de água, fabrico de papel, farmacologia, borracha sintética Req 20ABR12
  7. Peritos em sistemas de produção e distribuição de energia Req 21ABR12 e Req 22ABR12
  8. Chefes de laboratório de física industrial e química industrial Req 25ABR12
  9. Engenheiro químico para a indústria farmacêutica Req 30ABR12
  10. Engenheiro químico para a indústria química Req 32ABR12
  11. Investigador em Agriculture & Forestry Economics and Management, Business Administration, Applied Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Vegetable Breeding, Flower breeding, Food safety, Food processing, Wood Science and Technology, Polymeric Materials, Bioenergy and Materials, Mechanic DesignConstruction and Automation, Transportation and so on Req 36ABR12


  1. Técnico de Logística e transportes – licenciatura Req 16ABR12
  2. Professor de Mecatrónica – licenciatura Req 16ABR12
  3. Professor de Inglês – mestrado Req 16ABR12
  4. Professores de inglês – licenciatura ou mestrado Req 18ABR12
  5. Músicos – trompete, trombone, trompa e cordas Req 19ABR12
  6. Perito para a indústria ( produção de aquecedores elétricos ) Req 23ABR12
  7. Perito em produção de espargos Req 24ABR12
  8. Peritos em bovinicultura leiteira Req 26ABR12 e Req 27ABR12
  9. Engenheiro Mecânico Req 28ABR12
  10. Engenheiro Mecânico para a indústria ( material de transportes ) Req 29ABR12
  11. Engenheiro mecânico para conceção e fabrico de transformadores elétricos Req 31ABR12
  12. Engenheiro químico para a indústria farmacêutica Req 33ABR12
  13. Engenheiro Mecânico para a indústria ( material de transportes ) Req 33ABR12
  14. Engenheiro químico para a indústria química Req 34ABR12
  15. Mestre em Finanças ou Contabilidade para o setor financeiro Req 35ABR12


Associação Portuguesa de Consultores Seniores

Praça das Indústrias, Ed. AIP

1300-307 LISBOA

Tel. 213640889, 213601428. Fax 213601104

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APCS again in China

At the invitation of the Provincial Department of Foreign Experts of Zhejiang, our association will once again be present in China at the Zhejiang Trade and Investment Symposium 2012, which will take place in Ningbo from June 8-12. In these meetings, Chinese public and private companies and institutions from other countries seek the services of consultants of other nationalities for missions in their respective countries. APCS, which was present at this symposium for the first time in 1993, will be represented this year by its president, Dr. Henrique Sobral. Meanwhile, China continues to reach APCS applications from consultants in the most diverse fields – mechanical engineering and chemistry, applied mathematics, biology, medicine, finance, agronomy, English, music and other education, mostly PhDs but also graduates, Masters and qualified professionals. Anticipating two international job fairs to be held in Paris and Frankfurt on May 26 and 28, that provincial department of Zhejiang is already circulating requests from dozens of experts to teach or research at universities in their country and work in companies During varying periods of time. Subordinated to the theme “technology marketing and patents”, another important trade show will be held in China between June 18 and 21, the X China Cross-Strait Technology Fair Projects. At the event, which will take place in Fuzhou Fujian, ACPS will be represented by Dr. João Manuel Figueiredo.



A convite do Departamento Provincial de Peritos Estrangeiros de Zhejiang, a nossa associação estará mais uma vez presente na China, no Simpósio de Comércio e Investimento Zhejiang 2012, que se realiza em Ningbo de 8 a 12 do próximo mês de Junho. Nestes encontros, empresas e instituições públicas e privadas chinesas de outros países procuram os serviços de consultores de outras nacionalidades para missões no respetivos países. A APCS, que esteve pela primeira vez presente neste simpósio em 1993, será representada este ano pelo seu presidente, dr. Henrique Sobral. Entretanto, da China continuam a chegar à APCS pedidos de consultores nas mais diversas áreas – engenharia mecânica e química, matemática aplicada, biologia, medicina, finanças, agronomia, ensino de inglês, música e outros, na sua maioria doutorados, mas também licenciados, mestres e profissionais qualificados. Antecipando duas feiras internacionais de emprego que vão realizar-se em Paris e Frankfurt, em 26 e 28 de Maio, aquele departamento provincial de Zhejiang está já a divulgar pedidos de dezenas de especialistas para ensinar ou investigar em universidades do seu país e trabalhar em empresas diversas durante períodos de tempo varáveis. Subordinado ao tema “comercialização de tecnologia e patentes”, uma outra importante feira vai realizar-se na China entre 18 e 21 de Junho, a X China Cross-Strait Tecnhology Projects Fair. No certame, que terá lugar em Fuzhou Fujian, a ACPS estará representada pelo Doutor João Manuel Figueiredo.

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Estamos a crescer!….

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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