Detoxification technology application. Strawberry industry

The Wynca Group was founded in 1965


Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Strawberry detoxification technology application is very common in Europe and the United States, and other developed countries, the technology is relatively mature and perfect, especially on the analysis of the genetic stability of strawberry virus-free technology than domestic ones, and these countries, especially in Japan is still China’s main variety of strawberry varieties, there are still few domestic breeding strawberry varieties catch up. Group company in order to lead the development of Chinese strawberry as the goal, hope to draw lessons from foreign developed countries seedling technique and advanced production.

Issues to solve:

1, eliminate or reduce the risk of variation in strawberry detoxification

2、How to promote the flower bud differentiation of strawberry, the market of early strawberry? How to extend the availability of strawberries and increase production?

3、How to solve the root system of seedling in the cave dish

Expert qualification required

More than 3 years of experience in the production of strawberry detoxification seedlings in the United States, Europe, Japan, etc. If relevant qualified experts and scholars are welcome to China for guidance at any time, the annual guideline should be no less than 30 days.

Number of Experts Required and which country experts is from:

1-2 experts from Japan and so on
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