The Development and Application of Silicone Products in High Performance Coatings

Wynca Group is a national key high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, a large listed company.


Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Over the past few decades, the use of organic silicone has surpassed traditional applications and extends in a broader market, including the coatings market. Over the past five years, at least 3,000 patents have been published to discuss the use of  organic silicone to improve the performance of protective coatings and other coatings. A survey of chemical abstracts published during the 1945-2001 chemical show shows that the proportion of patents on silicone technology applications has grown steadily and continues to focus on the traditional advantages of organic silicon materials, including weather resistance and Heat resistance. At present, the application of silicone in the entire coating industry has grown from a number of special, high-performance applications to a wider area.

Issues to solve:


1. Application of organic silicone products in improving the weather resistance of coatings

2. Organic silicone products applied for improving the scratch resistance of automotive varnishes

3. Application of silicone products in self-delamination coatings

4. Silicone products in the application of high temperature coatings

5. Silicone products in the application of hydrophobic insulation coating

Number of Experts Required and which country experts is from:

To decide later

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