Research and Development of high Performance Phenyl-silicone Products


The Wynca Group was founded in 1965.

Polysiloxanes containing phenyl possess excellent low-temperature flexibility and thermal stability, radiation resistance and high refractive index, which have been applied in aerospace, LED packaging, nuclear power and so on. At present, Wynca have 1000 ton/year of methyl phenyl dichlorosilane, 3000 ton/year of  phenyl trichlorosilane and 500 ton/year methyl phenyl cyclotrisiloxane will be gone into operation at October, 2017.

Nature of Activity Requested for Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

Meanwhile, we have great breakthrough in developing methyl- phenyl siloxanes.

At present, we have developed many different styles and different phenyl content Phenyl-methyl polysiloxane oils and polsiloxane rubber.

Issues to solve:

Applications and market development of phenyl polysiloxane products.

Expert qualification required

Need 1-2 experts who are familiar with application fields of polysiloxne, particularly phenyl polysiloxane. Furthermore, who have experienced in market development.

English, Chinese .

  1. #1 by apcseniores on 2 de Julho de 2017 - 1:26 pm

    At the invitation of the “Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs”, APCS moved Dr. Jorge Ferreira to the People’s Republic of China to participate in a series of events related to promoting the collaboration of Portuguese consultants in ongoing projects in China.

    A convite da “Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs” a APCS fez deslocar o Dr. Jorge Ferreira à República Popular da China a fim de participar num conjunto de eventos relacionado com a promoção da colaboração de consultores portugueses em projectos a decorrer na China.

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