Development of special additives and formulation for UAV applications.


The Wynca Group was founded in 1965, went public in September, 2001, and was selected in the list of Most Valuable Listed Companies in China for many years continuously, one of the 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and one of the global top 20 enterprises in agricultural chemistry.

The major businesses of Wynca are crop protection products and organic silicon materials, where glyphosate technical material and preparations play a leading role with many other varieties are researched simultaneously, including pesticide and fungicides; based on synthesized organic silicon monomers, a complete organic Si industry chain has been formed from smelting cores, ganister sand processing, monomer synthesis to the final products, generating the four large product series of silicone rubber, silicone oil, silicone resin and silane coupling agent. All of those have contributed to the company’s superiority of whole industrial chain in the industry.

The two major series of products of Wynca have been widely applied to agricultural production, biotechnology, aeronautics and astronautics, health care and medication, building materials, electronic and electric industry, and new energy development, with the leading products granted as China Top Brand, Brand with the Most Market Competitiveness, etc. Wynca sticks to the development path with international thinking and its products are marketed among many countries and regions in the world, with subsidiaries established in North America, South America and Africa, which contribute to the stable growth of international brand popularity and market shares.

Experts(Project description, assignment target, etc.):

In recent years, UAV applications is r is developing rapidly. There are more than 21 million mu times of flight operations in 2016, the market is nearly billions of dollars!

The use of robots and UAVs for weed control and pesticide application offers new opportunities for site-specific, even plant-specific, control.  UAVs are already highly disruptive in agriculture, with a surge in popularity being driven by increasing affordability and ease of use.

Wynca now have a affiliated subsidiary which is specializing in flying defense services, and has a good platform advantage.

Issues to solve:

1)  Compatibility of multiple agents after mixing;

2) Evaporation of the active ingredients and additives under normal operation conditions;

3) Selection and formulation developed of special agents for different crops.

Number of Experts Required and which country experts is from:

1-2 experts from Japan and so on


  1. #1 by apcseniores on 2 de Julho de 2017 - 1:27 pm

    At the invitation of the “Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs”, APCS moved Dr. Jorge Ferreira to the People’s Republic of China to participate in a series of events related to promoting the collaboration of Portuguese consultants in ongoing projects in China.

    A convite da “Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs” a APCS fez deslocar o Dr. Jorge Ferreira à República Popular da China a fim de participar num conjunto de eventos relacionado com a promoção da colaboração de consultores portugueses em projectos a decorrer na China.

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